Specialty Coffee Capsules that live up to the name

Specialty Coffee Collective is a new coffee roaster operating in Brunswick, Melbourne, specialising in Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules.

We’ve dedicated our entire team to bringing the best coffee to your kitchen, every day. Here’s what set us apart:

Each year we travel to origin to deal directly with coffee farmers and producers to source our coffee. It’s one of the best parts of the job, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Not only does it ensure that we are paying fair prices to farmers and producers, it allows us to have total transparency on the coffee production process, to know that quality has been pursued every step of the way.

Our roasters are masters of craft, with years of experience roasting specialty coffee for a range of uses. They’re also highly skilled in scientific applications and have combined their knowledge and instinct with laboratory analysis to create an approach to roasting specifically for coffee capsules. This means that Specialty Coffee Collective capsules contain coffee developed for the sole purpose of going through your capsule machine, giving you a result that’s refined beyond any other capsule. It’s never been this easy to have good coffee on hand every day.

We know that coffee needs to be a constant in your daily lives, so we’ve created a flexible and easy-to-manage online subscription system that you can set up just the way you want it. Simply select a product, set up a frequency (e.g. 60 capsules every month) and our system will automatically send out coffee to you when you need it. Better yet, they are free of contracts or minimum terms, meaning that you can change or end your subscription at any stage, plus change delivery dates, frequencies, payment information and more – all through our easy-to-use subscriber portal.

$1 per pod


At Specialty Coffee Collective, we’ve committed to bringing you high-quality, responsibly sourced 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee at accessible pricing. We believe that $1 per pod is a fair and competitive price for a premium product, and to make that price, we send a minimum of 60 capsules at any one time with free shipping Australia-wide. We also offer domestic flat rate express shipping, because we know there’s nothing worse than being left without your morning cup. International? We’ve got you. For a flat rate of $20 we can get Specialty Coffee Collective to you in good time.

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Specialty Coffee Collective is changing the way that people experience capsule coffee. We invite you to become part of our community💚

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