Terms & Conditions

Pricing & GST
All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and are subject to change. Unless stated otherwise prices are GST inclusive. You will be issued a tax invoice for all purchases.
Please see Shipping Policy.
Customer Service
If you have any questions about ordering please contact us at hello@specialtycoffeecollective.com.
If there are ever any issues preventing us from getting your order to you, on time, we’ll notify you next business day to work out a resolution.
If you have any feedback about our website, customer service, packing, or delivery services, we are always happy to hear at hello@specialtycoffeecollective.com.
Privacy Policy
We will only use the details we collect for the purpose in which they were submitted. These details are for our own use only and under no circumstances will be supplied to any other institution or person for any purpose. We will use this information to process your order and, if requested, provide you with product updates.
We do not store credit card information, with the exception of recurring purchases which are stored by a secure Payment Processor. Unless required to do so under Law we do not keep a record of user IP addresses.

We accept all major cards.

Cancellation and Returns
We do not accept cancellation of orders once they are processed. If you have a recurring order, you can mange your deliveries through the customer portal.
If you receive the wrong product, we accept full responsibility and will replace it immediately. Please let us know via hello@speicaltycoffeecollective.com.
PCI compliance regulations, your credit card details are transmitted securely and the complete Credit Card Numbers are obfuscated from the view of our staff.