Decaf Single Origin - Sibu Ethiopia

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This single origin coffee was grown at an altitude of 1850 masl in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. It has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (SWP), an entirely chemical free method of removing the caffeine from coffee.

Each Specialty Coffee Collective single origin is direct trade, 100% Arabica specialty grade coffee. Our blends are post-blended to ensure that each coffee is roasted to reveal its best characteristics, and our aluminium pods ensure absolute freshness.

Nespresso ® compatible, free shipping Australia-wide.

$1 per pod for the highest quality specialty coffee with no hidden costs

Our commitments to quality and transparency are unmatched by any other coffee pod company. After we travel to origin each year to source the highest quality direct trade specialty coffee, our skilled roasters roast each single origin to its greatest potential. We then pursue only the highest quality grinding and packaging processes, to ensure that you are given the opportunity to enjoy our specialty product at its best.

 To bring you a premium artisan product at affordable prices with free shipping, we choose to send our pods in cartons of 60. It’s the best way we’ve found to maintain our price and quality commitment with the end experience in mind.